New Zoom Apps — play games LIVE with me next week

Next week I will be hosting a live, interactive workshop to use some of the new Zoom Apps recently launched. Care to join me?

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During this 90-minute workshop, we will:

  • Practice low-tech Zoom games you can use in your own meetings

Make sure your Zoom client is updated to the latest version, so you can play games with us!

Remember, play is the antidote to Zoom Fatigue. If you need to spice up your meetings, to make your attendees more engaged, master a few basic games you can bring out at a moment’s notice.

Not only will we play these games together, I’ll give you scripts and a handout to lead these games with your own groups, too.

By having a good game on-demand, you can raise the energy of any virtual meeting. ‘Does anyone want to play a quick game?’ is a quick diversion that is welcomed by people who are ready to tune out.

Gain a few more virtual tools in the Digital Engagement Workshop.

Live only. No replay.

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