[Masterclass Replay] Your Message = Your Mess+Age

Caelan Huntress
2 min readSep 15, 2021

Tomorrow I will be going LIVE with my next Masterclass, “Your Message = Your Mess+Age.” I’ll be sharing the most embarrassing moment of my life, which has become the Mess beneath my Message.

The 60-minute Masterclass will cover:

  1. The Clarity Of The Truest You
  2. Desperation Repels, Common Unity Attracts
  3. Your Greatest Wound Is Your Greatest Power
  4. Fake It Till You Make Imposter Syndrome Your Friend
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My new book Marketing Yourself doesn’t share how I ran away from home when I was sixteen, or the physical and psychological abuse I endured as a homeless teenager who graduated high school while living in a car. But the message of my book grew out on that mess.

The only way I survived those years was by charming people to help me. Instead of dumpster diving, I would chat with people working at a fast food restaurant until it was time to throw out the old burgers, so I could catch them on the way out. I taught myself guitar so I could play music in public spaces for spare change, and earn enough money for tacos and cigarettes.

I survived by marketing myself to the crowd. I was homeless off and on for five years, and hitchhiked across North America with nothing to my name but a guitar case and a smile. Marketing myself is how I survived. When I grew older, marketing myself became how I supported my family. The lessons I learned from my biggest mess -> that is the message in my book.

Helping people discover and articulate their message from their mess has become some of the most important work I do. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in tomorrow’s live Masterclass. Will I see you there?

Attendees will get a copy of my Anchor Brand Content Workbook.

Here’s what one of my clients said after we used this workbook together:

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