Make a 3-Month Marketing Plan with ChatGPT

Caelan Huntress
2 min readApr 27, 2023

Marketing your business can distract you from doing your best work. The best marketing you can do gets you the most amount of leads in the least amount of time.

But if you’ve been doing something that isn’t working, when will you have the time or the dollars to invest in doing something different?

Marketing can feel like you’re pumping cash into slot machines. You just throw money at your marketing, and hope for some results.

There is an easy solution: Dedicating one day per quarter to your marketing can accelerate your business growth.

During this marketing strategy day, you can analyze what’s working, and what’s a waste of time. This is a day when you can make the big strategic decisions that realign your activity with your business goals.

When you have a roadmap to achieve your business goals, the regular pulse of a quarterly marketing day can help you correct your course, based on what’s happening right now in your business.

Every three months, you can take a day to:

  • Review your marketing metrics from the previous 3 months
  • Audit your Customer Journey from start to finish
  • Review and revise your Customer Avatars
  • Create compelling Calls-to-Action for new offers
  • Organize your Content calendar for the next 3 months

You can use ChatGPT to handle a lot of the writing and the planning — you just have to know what prompts to use. With the right prompts, AI becomes your secret weapon in crafting a marketing strategy quickly.

This dynamic 90-minute workshop will teach you how to use AI prompts to create content and analyze your activity. At the end of this workshop, you will have a 3-month Marketing Plan. This means you will have all the strategy decided for the next few months, with clear goals that will help you achieve your next phase of business growth, and a volume of content you can use for promoting your offers.

Perfect for small business owners without a marketing department, or for marketing professionals seeking to improve their ChatGPT skills, this hands-on, results-oriented workshop will accelerate your success.

The 3-Month Marketing Plan is based on a very simple idea: by spending 1 day dedicated to your marketing every quarter, you can make smart strategic decisions that grow your business.

Tickets are $50 NZD + GST. If you can’t pay in New Zealand dollars, hit ‘reply’ and I’ll set you up with a payment link for your native currency.

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