I don’t want to be a cryptobro, but….

I don’t want to be a cryptobro, but I might become one.

For ten years, I’ve worked in digital marketing, so I’m sensitive to the hype-heavy marketing-bro archetype that gives my profession a bad name.

I have avoided publicly championing cryptocurrency, because of a similar disdain held for the loud and shallow leaders in that niche.

But when I looked at my YouTube analytics recently, one of my most popular videos is about how to send bitcoin from one wallet to another. I made 4 videos and step-by-step tutorials in 2017, and then decided to stop writing about crypto. I continued to study and invest, but I didn’t write about it. Three of my old videos got little traction, but the fourth gained me 84k views and made me $1400 of affiliate revenue.


For what it’s worth, I’ve tripled my investment in crypto over the past 4 years. If cryptocurrency really is the future of money, then it’s inevitable that people will continue to want to learn more about the blockchain.

Last month I helped my landlady buy some of her first Bitcoin, and it made me realize: I’m good at helping people learn new technology. Lots of people are crypto-curious, and I’ve found myself pretty far along the cutting edge.

So, I’m thinking about spending more of my time making cryptocurrency tutorials for beginners. But, I don’t want to bother you with a loud and boorish crypto pivot.

I still want to talk about marketing, and growing small businesses, and virtual events…but I’ll need to segment my list, to make sure you are getting content you want (and not getting annoyed by content that isn’t relevant to you).

So, click below to let me know if you’re interested in reading content about:



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Caelan Huntress

Caelan Huntress


I help experts & entrepreneurs set up smart marketing systems.